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In the middle of the desert, at the Peninsula of Baja California, where the earth begins and the land ends, the ethnicity of the pericúes also known as edúes or coras lived, they didn´t know anything about farming however, they were excellent boaters, fishermen, hunters and gatherers. The land that sheltered them, offered the pitahaya and the deer; but not only that, the pericúes knew and consumed different types of maguey; the heart of the plant was baked in ovens of hot stone buried in the ground, after one day, these were took out, left to cool down and consumed in the same way that the sugarcane is chewed, this process allowed them to know the majestic taste of the mead. Our Mexico, country of culture, history and traditions, surrounds us in universes full of flavors and colors.

Tequila NUEVA ERA ¡Making history

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